Since 2010

Established in 2010, Shifra Smart Solutions is an innovative solutions provider based out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, focused on solving real world problems better and faster than any alternative on the market.

Shifra Smart Solutions manages multiple divisions, each with a dedicated portfolio of innovative solutions, which caters to a specific industry. Such solutions include Home Automation, Home Cinemas and Office Automation.

Our technology development team is relentless in studying new markets, analyzing existing technologies and identifying their problems and shortcomings. Following which is an incubation period which involves development of new technological innovations.
Our Goal is to introduce innovations that reshape industries to break away from their existing limitations and make-way for the future.
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Smart Solutions

Our smart Home solution set shifra on the map as a market leader in the Home Automation industry.

Our smart solutions for the residential market allow customers to control every aspect of their homes including lighting, air conditioning, motorized curtains, security, irrigation, ELV systems, multimedia, multi-room audio, and entertainment systems.

The offered smart home system traverses beyond basic automation by providing complex logic scenarios, speech recognition, artificial intelligence and special concept designs which cater to specific customers that wish to have unique solutions locally and on a world-wide scale.
Our shifra Home Cinema solutions go beyond simple high resolution entertainment. our customers enjoy an immersive experience and so we are in the business of bringing films to life and allowing customers to enjoy them as fully as their directors intended.

We believe that a Home Cinema should incorporate sophisticated technology for sound proofing and acoustical treatment and have distinctive qualities that are found in studios, all coupled with a projection system that can create the illusion of reality. this is the formula which the shifra team adopts to transform a room from shell-and-core into a turn-key Home Cinema.
The Smart Office Solutions start with advanced conference room solutions and traverse onto the entire office.This includes the automation of electrical devices within the conference rooms such as lighting and curtains, motorization and control of audio visual equipment and distribution systems, room scheduling, access control solutions and video walls.



Technology can only go so much without being paired with innovative design.
For that reason, we work closely with consultants and end users to be able to fully translate the taste, requirement and unique style our clients are looking for.
High level requirements need to be translated into innovative, turn-key designs and our technical team has experience working with main & MEP contractors and interior designers to achieve that.

Project Execution
A skilled team of Shifra engineers and technicians install all hardware, commission all active and passive equipment, conduct stress testing on installed devices and systems and finally proceed to the programming phase of the project.

Before handing the project over, the client is involved in a customization stage where the solution is presented and then tweaked based on the client’s feedback.

Upon completing all optimization tasks, a handover document is presented to the client along with a walkthrough of all features of the installed systems and training on usage.

Upon signing the project, our kick off meeting includes our team, the main & MEP contractors and the interior designer where prerequisite discussions are had.

All necessary documentation such as detailed designs and CAD drawings are generated to reflect the agreed upon foundation of the project.

A dedicated Shifra project manager is assigned to each project in order to consult and supervise provisioning work executed by the main contractor and the MEP contractor.

After Sales Services
Shifra Smart Solutions prides itself with its Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) that aims at continuously adding value to any client deployment by remote support, troubleshooting services, on-site support, preventative maintenance as well as software upgrades that will ensure any installed system is always up to date with the latest features in the industry.




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